Working at Nghia Nippers

1. NGHIA NIPPERS people work in a creative and passionate manner
NGHIA NIPPERS always encourage, motivate and reward deservedly individuals and groups who have inventions, technical improvements and production rationalization for the effectiveness at work. NGHIA NIPPERS are willing to support all members to improve qualifications, techniques and skills as well as have strong will to overcome difficulties and challenges.

2. NGHIA NIPPERS continuously strive to grow
Working at NGHIA NIPPERS, we are continuously striving and growing. The following year's target is usually higher than the previous year's. Simultaneouly, it is the same for the achievement. NGHIA NIPPERS people are more and more skillful, professional and growing.

3. NGHIA NIPPERS encourage lifetime study
With the aim "Study for success and development", NGHIA NIPPERS always encourage their members to study depending on their strengths. They also hold frequent training programs to improve knowledge and capabilities so as to build the working team to be more and more capable.

4. NGHIA NIPPERS improve reputations for members
NGHIA NIPPERS are proud of being a reputable company and respecting the staff. We are together building the image of NGHIA NIPPERS Company which makes our life meaningful. NGHIA NIPPERS members are high-qualified, kind-hearted, progressive-minded and have strategic outlook and healthy cultural lives. We are always proud of NGHIA NIPPERS staffs.

5. NGHIA NIPPERS create the loved-working environment
At NGHIA NIPPERS, work – study – creation – promotion – healthy life – happy family are the mottos of action that brings passion and power for members of NGHIA NIPPERS.

6. NGHIA NIPPERS create many promotion opportunities to grow careers
NGHIA NIPPERS build a working atmosphere for all members to perform at all best. The company offers the chance of development for individuals to promote and develop with their desires and skills. At NGHIA NIPPERS, there are many opportunities and difficulties to challenge people. It is the place for people to nurture their dreams and ambitions to go further on the career path.

7. NGHIA NIPPERS' policies and welfares
NGHIA NIPPERS build a standard business culture, competitive salary system and labor policy complying with laws and welfare policy such as pinic, travel, sport and artful culture.

Staffs are precious assets and prides of NGHIA NIPPERS

Philosophy of human force management

  • Believe that you will win
  • Share works and experiences together
  • Study and create continuously
  • Mannerly and moral in life
  • Solid and confident in strong team
  • Independent working and group working
  • Working and enjoying with all best

Staffs are companies on the way to success and development of Kem Nghia


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